One of the world's largest sock manufacturer

One of the world's largest sock manufacturer



The dedicated team at AYK International ensures our clients receive reliable, efficient and comprehensive product assembly, packaging and delivery solutions. Our team is always on location so we are able to immediately communicate with clients about all matters as they arise. This transparency and accessibility give our clients peace of mind about the safety of their products and successful launch of their projects.FR

Storage Room

Yarn storage of 500 sqft capacity, Staying in tune with the current trends we have developed products using all natural yarns such as Soy, Organic Cotton, Sea Cell and Bamboo for our line of socks which we feel is the next generation of ECO-Friendly products. Along with our Eco-Friendly products we have also expanded the use of technical yarns such as X-static, Olefin, Nano-Silver, Cool Max, Sensura, Cupron and other wicked fibers to make our product base more diverse.

Knitting Room

Being a quality conscious organization using the latest in computerized knitting machines from single or double cylinders we can produce styles for today and tomorrow’s fashioned conscience consumers. Our trained professionals can manufacture and develop a quality and durable sock, from thermal, dress , casual & sports , to cozy stay at home socks , to meet all your needs and activities all while using the latest in yarn developments.


Our showroom houses our brands of Tuffgear, Heat Jammers , Raging Gear Xtreme , Active Fresh & Move This Way, along with our clients brands . When Visiting our showroom it encases you and offers you a view of our range in fashionable and quality socks.

Guest Relation Hall