One of the world's largest sock manufacturer

One of the world's largest sock manufacturer


Originally incorporated in 1995 as AYK Socks Inc., The Company became one of Canada’s leading domestic manufacturers of sport socks. To continue our growth AYK International Inc. was established to reflect the current fashion trends in the international market place maintaining foothold on the Canadian & U.S market.
With offices and state of art manufacturing facilities in China, Pakistan Bangladesh and in Europe we can offer a quality product delivered on time. Our design teams in both North America and Europe and our R&D team are constantly working together on developing new up to date styling and technical products using the latest in yarns and compositions.
Staying in tune with the current trends, we have also developed products using all natural yarns such as Soy, Organic Cotton, Sea shell and Bamboo Viscose and BCI cotton ( better cotton initiative ) for our line of socks which we feel is the next generation of Eco-Friendly socks. Along with our Eco-Friendly products we have also expanded the use of technical yarns such as X-static, Olefin, Nano-Silver,
Cool Max, Cupron , and other wicked fibers to make our product base more diverse.

Our company is not only about business it is about making and developing a relationship and treat every client as our Partner ensuring that the same objectives are met in developing a quality product for the end consumer. Steeped in integrity and creativity with a concentration on quality, our trained and experienced staff ensures that the end product meets the highest consumer standards . , Our design team is always available for your needs and ideas to improve the products quality look and feel

Our Account Specialists are always available for any questions, developing ideas, up to the minute information regarding orders, samples and future projects and goals.

We as a company can offer you the latest trends and fabrications to better serve you.